After months of searching for land to develop into a community center in the impoverished community of Tres Reyes near Cancún, Mexico, we recently finalized the purchase of just under an acre of land. The lot is situated on the main village road with a bus line to provide easy access to the entire community. It is already level and cleared of trees; additionally, there is a well, electricity, an existing building and a security wall lines the perimeter, enabling us to begin using the property for community outreach immediately, even as we continue to develop the land.

We are excited to partner with local churches and other non-profit organizations in Cancún for the Tres Reyes Community Center Project, as we work with a local engineer and architect to plan the construction and programming in the building. Our plan is to use the first floor as an all-purpose room for events such as concerts, parties, large classes, and feeding programs. There will be a kitchen on the first floor that will allow us to prepare meals for large groups, serving them either inside or outside with serving lines in both places. We will have a small computer lab on the first floor. Classrooms, offices for family and individual counseling will be situated on the second floor, as well as a medical clinic and dental clinic. A soccer field, all-sports court, and a large palapa for outdoor events and activities will be located on the lot.

The community center will offer counseling opportunities, tutoring for children, continuing educational resources, medical and dental care, feeding programs, sports leagues and possibly day care. Our goal is to offer resources to a struggling community that they might not otherwise be able to access. Our ultimate hope is that by supporting the community in this practical way, we will strengthen families within the community and ultimately share the hope of Jesus.

Gloria, a widow with five children, is just one of the many families who will immediately benefit from the Tres Reyes Community Center. She is an incredible example of perseverance and faith. Even after walking through the tragedy of losing her husband with multiple young children, she refused to give up. Gloria works part-time cleaning homes to help support her family, but she still struggles to make ends meet. Back2Back has come alongside her family, providing support through tutoring, child sponsorship and resources. Gloria’s family is still together because she has remained positive and refused to give up on her family.

Back2Back has come alongside Gloria to support her, as this is often the best means of preventative orphan care. Mission groups helped Gloria build her home, and we will soon install electricity and running water for the first time. Once Tres Reyes is completed, Gloria will be able to utilize the center for additional support, such as educational training and medical and dental care, services that would be otherwise difficult for her to attain given her limited resources. Her children will have the opportunity to grow academically through tutoring, join sports teams to develop socially and receive balanced meals through the feeding program. Gloria’s family and the countless others in similar situations inspire us to forge ahead with the Tres Reyes project.

We are in the midst of fundraising for construction of the community center. We are excited for all that God can use this property for in this community. Please pray with us that God would provide the funding to complete this project and that He would use this new facility to continue to expand His Kingdom in this community.

To look at the view book online, you can go here.