It was a night four weeks in the making.

Anna has spent the last month planning every detail of what would most closely relate, as far as events go, to a wedding.

Hair appointments, nails, catering, location, sound system, DJ, picking out songs for special dances, program details, the DRESS, the invitation list, the special gifts, the ceremony, and on and on and on.

What a special night it was though. 

Sandy was aglow with joy and pride, and the look on her face and the tears she cried gave us such pride in this beautiful girl who is now a young lady.

All of the sisters and girls from the home joined us as Sandy’s sponsor from Ohio led a women’s group down to host the party with us. We had a total of 50 people and a great night of tears of joy, and happy memories made together celebrating Sandy.

Mau gave the challenge (while Matt translated) to Sandy and spoke about the greatest thing we know as Christians is that God loves us more than anything and that God has been planning this day for Sandy since before she was born.

Sandy received gifts with special messages including a watch, signifying just as Christ was the end of an age and the beginning of one that today is the end of Sandy the girl and the beginning of Sandy the young woman. She also received a ring, signifying purity and God’s promise to her that he is preparing one special man for who will be a perfect match and she needs to save herself for him. The third and final symbolic gift was a Bible which she received from Amy along with some very special words of love and commitment.

Next we had a blessing from Madre Polita and prayer for and over Sandy as she begins this new portion of her life.

We ended the ceremony with the Father/Daughter dance. This was so special because we had each man from the Back2Back staff team dance with her as a “father.”

A Coming of Age

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