After many months of searching for land in the impoverished community of Tres Reyes on the west side of Cancún, we finally found a perfect piece of property. It is level and already cleared of trees. It has a security wall already constructed all along the outer edge of the property. It is on the main village road that has bus access and will give the entire community easy access to the center and even already has a well and electricity as well as an existing building that we can begin using immediately for outreach!

This is the front of the property and shows the existing building. We are hoping to have a grand opening ceremony with a ribbon cutting and everything!

There is still a long ways to go as we still have about $10,000 – $20,000 USD left to pay for the land, and then we start the fundraising for construction of the community center. Here is a sneak peek at what we are planning…

This is just a general work up of a basic idea, but I hope it gets you as excited as it does us for all that God can use this property for in this community. We are so excited to be partnering with local churches and other non profit organizations in Cancún for this project that will have counseling, educational courses, possibly day care and feeding programs, maybe even sports leagues and anything else we can think of to use this facility to bring the gospel of Jesus to this struggling community.

Please pray with us that God would provide the funding to complete this project and that He would use this new facility to continue and expand His Kingdom in this community.

A Dream Takes Shape

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