There has been a lot of transition in our lives in the past three months (or should I say the past 2 years). We had some great times like meeting Kai for the first time and also some hard times like saying good bye to family. But in every step that we take, we can see God’s hand all over it.

During the past three months, from the very first day that we arrived in Mexico, we felt attacked physically, emotionally and mentally. There were some days when I personally (Anna) felt like everything in my life was out of control and I even said one time (which now I cannot picture myself doing that) that I was ready to go home. You can see how bad I felt, I am mexican. Throughout my whole life, I never thought that those words were going to come out of my mouth. 
I felt trapped. Thoughts would come into my mind every night not letting me sleep. I felt sad and confused. I felt tired and overwhelmed. I wanted to stay at home and not participate in what God was doing here in Cancun. On top of that, all of our stuff was piled high in an apartment that we could not live in because we had no time to unpack.
During this time God showed me the importance of being part of a community like B2B or being part of a church. What I want to say is that He showed me the importance of being part of the body of Christ.
One morning, during the toughest day of this time of confusion, we had a staff meeting. My sister Lizy wanted to talk to me afterwards about some projects and I just felt like I was going to explode. I couldn’t contain it anymore and I started crying. She asked me to go to her house so we could talk. I told her how I felt and everything that was going on in my mind. She listened and told me that all those things were only distractions that were trying to stop me from reaching God’s full potential for me in Cancun. She prayed for me and right after she was done praying it felt like a dark cloud that was making me blind was removed immediately. 
God gave me understanding and I felt energetic and  I was filled with a new hope. He made me understand that even if everything around me seemed out of control He was still in control of everything. That his mercies are new every morning. He told me to not take my eye off the main purpose for me being here, which is Isaiah 61:1-3.
This is our Back2Back community and we are very blessed to be part of it.
A Garland Instead of Ashes

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  • March 19, 2012 at 7:29 pm

    Great lessons in life… never make any major decisions when you’re not feeling well. Instead open up to trusted friends and let God restore your hope. Thanks for sharing.


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