It was about four years ago, that’s when I met Eric and Briana for the first time. I was in Hartville, Ohio, (which is between Akron and Canton) on fall break with one of my college friends. He was nice enough to take a fairly large group to his home for the weekend. Little did I know what would blossom out of that one friendship and that first trip to the sleepy, beautiful town of Hartville, Ohio.
Looking back now it has been several years, That friend, Jared, is now my best friend and our wives are best friends. We have visited Hartville regularly ever since and have come to call their family, our family. All six of Jared’s aunts and Uncle’s share their homes and resources freely with everyone and it is truly a centered and special family to be considered a part of. They truly have and share the love of God freely with all they encounter and it shows in every aspect of theirs and their children’s, and their grandchildren’s, and even in their great-grandchildren’s lives.
Wow, I could probably keep talking about them, but the purpose of this post is to share the pictures of the wedding of Eric and Briana, the last of the Coblentz boys, to finally get hitched. He married his high school sweetheart, Briana after dating for several years! I was not the photographer, but had my fun nonetheless. Tom of Livigni Photography was very gracious and is an exceptional photographer! Check him out here:
So on to some pics!!
If you knew this family of boys, you would know that the wedding day had to start with some Basketball!

“Campy” – One of the 12 Crazy Groomsmen!
Here is Tom Livigni, working his assets…Nikon D700, beautiful piece of machinery!
Nancy, the beautiful mother of the groom, almost in tears watching her husband and four sons walking up the drive-way.
The Coblentz Family (Without Wives and Grandchildren)

The Groom did not have an ounce of stress the entire day, totally care-free and having a great time!
Probably on of my favorites of the entire day…
Brianna, the stunning bride.

The Guys

Adella with Grandpa


Adella and Makana, the flower girls…
The Cake
This is such a great shot of Brianna kissing her husband during the first dance…

A Hartville Happening – Eric | Brianna

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