The posts below are imported from our Blog from May of 2010 detailing our one week trip to Port au Prince with Jared and Jalayne. Little did we know the seed that the Lord was planting in our hearts…

Let me begin with saying that both Anna and I have known that we were called to missions since before we met. We simply did not know when or where. For the last four years, I have had a good job that we believe God had given me in order to provide and send others to the field. For the last year we have been wrestling with whether God wanted us to continue in this or if He was moving us in another direction. I became increasingly unhappy in my job and God continued to tug at our hearts, stronger and stronger.

Over the past four days, God has moved! Big Time! Friday he released me from my job. The 36 hours following contained 25-30 specific signs and answers to prayer, including dreams, pointing specifically to the fact that this was the time we had been prepared for. This was His call. It was our turn to go!

Never have Anna and I experienced the peace and joy that comes with this new total reliance on God. It is not until we truly have no control over our lives that God can truly move.

This morning the Lord spoke to me through Psalm 73: 21-28, When we are grieved and our spirits are down, we are no more than brute beasts, because He is always with us, He guides us with His council. Then He reminds us of the lost, the lost that we are called to save! The passage ends with:

“I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge, I will tell all of your deeds.”

We will tell all of his deeds. Wherever He has called us to go. We are overjoyed and excited, resting in the knowledge that He has prepared us for such a time as this. We do not know how He will work this out, but we know He will, beyond a shadow of a doubt. We believe in His faithfulness, in His Truth, and we claim it today, resting in His Grace.

Please pray for us as we continue to pursue the path that God has begun to open doors for. Pray that He will continue to guide us and show us His will and that we will not be deterred from the commitment that He has placed in our hearts.

A New Day Dawns

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