Over a month between blog posts seems a bit “procrastinatorist”.

You can tell it has been awhile by how big Kai has gotten!

I am fighting the urge to use this post to go on a diatribe attesting to all of the many things that we have been up to so as to prevent you from thinking that we have been idly lounging around.

Instead I will just tell you that, adjusting to a life in which you are neither here, nor there, but here and preparing for there, is busy, and filled with uncertainties, challenges, and many, many opportunities for exercising patience.

We are very thankful for this time that God has given us to prepare to go. For the wonderful home He provided for us, and for the support that we have. But we still have a mountain to climb. So we progress, daily, to seek strength and patience while we wait on Him to provide the next step to take in faith. We are getting closer as we finish up the paperwork process with our organization, Back2Back Ministries. The biggest challenge has been the fact that we are creating a budget and fundraising goals for a place in which we have not lived and the organization has not yet operated.

So we are creating and making best guesses based on our research while in Haiti in February and March as well as Back2Back’s previous site start up experience in other countries. It has been slow but is progressing.

So now that we have our “in flux” working budget and fundraising goals, we are just about ready to begin fundraising to achieve the Kingdom-sized goals for the vision that God has placed on our hearts as well as Back2Back’s for the orphan child in Haiti.

While we  have been working with Back2Back on paperwork, we have also been busy with other things, including getting plugged back in at our home church, Faith Community Church working with the youth, worships team, and starting in May, helping out in the office during the week.

We also decided it would be best to file for Citizenship papers for Anna, so two weeks ago we mailed those off and started the 6 month process to get that taken care of.

We are also very close to launching our new website home, www.agconrad.com !!!

Also in the last month, Kai has been growing like crazy and now crawls…

And stands up…

And laughs hysterically…

And even hates some types of food…

Have a great Holy Week!

A New Normal

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