For the last year, Back2Back has been working on creating the foster care system here in Mexico. After being asked by the state government of Nuevo Leon (where Monterrey is located) to pioneer this program, Back2Back reached out to the local church and began recruiting families to train to become the first foster families in all of Mexico. We learned much from another organization, Casa Viva of Costa Rica, about activating the local church and raising up families to take up the cause of the fatherless and reduce the harm that dangerous institutional settings can have on children.


New Law Signing

This week, three members of the Back2Back Monterrey staff, Juan Porto (Hope Program Director), Teresa Garcia (Foster Care Program Coordinator), and Antonio García (Director of Back2Back Monterrey), who can be seen seated in the gray suit at left of picture, were invited to sit at the table for the ceremonial signing of the new bill that protects children and youth and solidifies the formation of the foster care system in the state. Nuevo Leon is often the first state to move forward with progressive changes and the rest of Mexico usually follows suit soon after. We are trusting that is exactly what God has planned for all of Mexico as he continues to defend his children and fight for each one of the neglected and abused.

Join with us in celebrating what great things God is doing as He seeks to restore and reconnect with all of His children.


A “Win” For At-Risk Children in Mexico

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