Even as I type this, the pure surreality of all of this is overwhelming.

With so much going on and “To Do” lists a mile long, it is sometimes hard to slow down and realize just what exactly is happening…

So, while this week was mind-bogglingly stressful, busy, and list oriented, the next two should be much more relaxed.

This was all planned you see.

We worked extremely hard this week to get the majority of our stuff boxed up and we are now living out of three suitcases. (One for Andrew, one for Anna and one for Kai.)

Along with working to get our lives packed up, we were also trying to finish our fundraising through letters to all of our friends and family we were not able to meet with personally, as well as Christmas cards and thank you’s.

And to top it all off, we are in Chicago right now, where I got my Visa from the Mexican consulate!

And just before writing this post, we booked our plane tickets from Miami to Cancún.

Needless to say it has been an extremely busy and crazy 76 hours! But a blessed and wonderful 76 hours also. God has been so good in smoothing everything out and helping us to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time.

So with 22 days until we pull out of Indiana with a UHAUL strapped to our Suburban loaded down with everything we own in the world, all systems are a go!

And the reason we worked so hard this week was because we want to have plenty of time to spend with family and friends over the next three weeks!

So we got everything done just in time to pick up Anna’s sister, Priscila, with her husband Antonio and our two nieces, Zua and Eliana tomorrow morning here in Chicago at the airport for some wonderful family holiday times!

Pris, Zua, Eliana and Tonio

And then on Sunday, Anna’s other sister and her husband Mauricio, and our nephews André and David fly into town for the holidays!

Mauricio, David, Andre and Lizy

From now until the day we leave, we only have to finish our shipping manifest for Mexican customs. While that will take a few days to complete, we are thrilled with how much progress we have made this week and how the Lord is smoothing out the path ahead of us with each step!

We know that this is all due to your prayers and support! So thank you and from our family to yours…

All Systems Go!

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