One of my favorite days of the week is Monday, because that is the day that Andrew and I have designated to go visit the children at Casa Hogar San Jose (San Jose Children’s Home). We love the kids there. There are thirteen girls and one boy.

Every time we go, I hear the same question “what happened to our play ground?” Two weeks ago they had a play ground that was covered in wasp nests and falling apart. It was to the point that it was too dangerous for them to play on anymore, so Back2Back, along with a visiting group that was touched by the need and made a special donation, decided to build them a new playground. It has been two weeks of hard work with each group that has come and now the kids are starting to see it take shape and even play some in their new and safe playground.

Mauricio and Alfredo (one of our van drivers) working on the roof structure of the first tower.

Chave playing around on the unfinished product

Bety hanging out on the slide that has yet to be added to the tower

Ana swinging and playing

Jeny playing around

Jorge, the only boy at San Jose, helping the men out assembling the structure

Along with this project, Back2Back Cancun has also started a program to teach all of the kids we work with the Fruits of the Spirit, and the kids are enjoying their time singing, playing and making crafts. This week we talked about peace. they loved getting messy.

Playing a singing game with the kids and the group from Northstar.

Right in the middle, you can see Kai enjoying himself with everyone

Craft time!

One week ago I found out that someone had donated some Bibles for kids with pictures and easy to follow stories in Spanish. The following Tuesday, we took the group to San Jose and I took the Bibles with us. I did not know that they were going to be so popular among the children. They know that we always bring a box with surprise crafts and art supplies to use while we are there. When we got there and they opened the box, one of the girls immediately came back to me with one of the Bibles. She wanted me to read it to her and all the other girls came too. I spent so much time reading story after story to these four girls that day that my jaw was hurting.They are so hungry for the truth and the word of God!

I love getting to know them more and more every time that we see them. Having the opportunity to be one of the many tools that God is using to bring reassurance into their lives is such a privilege. They remind me of my purpose here in Cancun, to bring peace and living water wherever the Lord wants me to. 

Casa Hogar San Jose

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