I have never been big on Birthdays. They come and go, but I never thought them to be that important.

Perhaps thats because there was always someone there to celebrate it with me…

One of the things that we were able to do with the group that came down from Stoney Creek Community Church in Washington, MI was throw a big birthday party for several of the kids that we works with.

It was a wonderful Sunday afternoon, grilled burgers, games, swimming, a giant trampoline, cake, and even gifts.

To see the light in these kids eyes, being noticed, being separated out as their special day, that all of these people around them were celebrating them, their life, it was an incredibly special day.

It was so much more than just what was seen and went so far beyond the superficial within the eyes of these kids.


Six Birthday’s and 3 Huge Cakes!

Signing Happy Birthday in two languages! (Video Below!)

It has been a crazy moth for us, and this party was just one of the many things that we have been able to be a part of here in Cancún. God is working tremendously here, and with those that come down to serve alongside of us. This past group was just one of the many examples of how God uses, kids, teenagers, seniors, and whole families to bring his message of love to the widow and the orphan.
I say all of this: 1. As an update to our many supporters for whom we are so thankful for, and 2. as an open invitation to come down and visit us here in Cancún, by yourself, with your spouse, as a family, with your coworkers, with your church, however you want, and experience how and why God commanded us to serve the orphan and the widow.
To experience for yourself what defending the fatherless feels like.
To see the look on the face of a child when they see Jesus in you.
Come and see.


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