Today as it sleets/ices/rains/snows outside, I am yet again reminded of how quickly my favorite season passes.

Fall is officially over with the temperature dropping to 20 degrees (F) last night and the 35 degree temperature with ice and snow today I really am just now getting excited for the holidays! And that makes me think of my family in Mexico, because we just bought our tickets to go down to Monterrey for Christmas!
For those who don’t know, my wife, Anna is from Monterrey, Mexico and that is where her two sisters live and my two nephews and niece! (And my brothers in law, Tonio, and Mau of course) So here are a couple shots that help get me from visit to visit without missing them to much!

And just in case you were wondering….Yes, I know that I have some of the cutest niece and nephews around…
Fall is Gone

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