The mornings here are beginning to find a routine; a lazy wake up, a breakfast of champions (granola bars, fruit snacks, Crispex, or oatmeal and bible reading or various devotions. Then a plan is mapped out for the day.

Today, the girls were set to paint and the guys a total HG TV revamp of the yard.
There were four rooms that needed to be painted. The walls had severe cracks that had to be patched as a result of the earthquake.
The cleaned up the rubble in the yard from the earthquake. They stacked cement blocks ( remains of the walls that collapsed in the quake) that were salvageable and loaded the rest in the pickup truck to be moved. They also raked weeds, rotten mangos, and various other things into a pile and set them to fire…..nothing like a bon fire in 100 degree weather!
And of course, boys will be boys. They were so proud they killed a lizzard and a rat and caught a snake!
It was a physically exhausting, but most rewarding day….one we all agreed should be treated with pizza and french fries at the Visa Lodge!

One thought on “Monday

  • May 12, 2010 at 3:25 pm

    It looks like a lot of work but a great time of working together and encouraging one another. We continue to pray for you. What a blessing your are being to the people in Haiti and to Jared and Jalayne. We are so excited to hear all of the stories of your experiences and God’s work in and through you. We love you guys.
    Denny and Miriam Wertz


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