Life without internet is two things.

At first, it is debilitating. You feel as though you are disconnected and unable to keep up with all of the things you have come so accustomed to knowing.

Then, you begin to realize that all those things that you were constantly checking and information you were constantly downloading into your mind, was not as necessary as you thought it was. Life goes on even if you dont know what is happening. And then you realize how much more time you have on your hands when you are not constantly checking email, Twitter, iGoogle, CNBC Stocks, Facebook, and the other 25 apps that get daily use for the typical person.

It was frustrating knowing that I would not be able to blog, but I took alot of notes and journaled some, so that I would be sure to remember all of the things that I wanted to share with you all. Hence the reason I am numbering these posts.

For the first post I want to share with you about the Tree of Life orphanage.

As one of the five points of light of the Jesus in Haiti Ministry, this orphanage is home to approximately 25 beautiful little boys and girls from the age of 6 months old to about 10 years old.

This orphanage has a very unique story. Shortly after the earthquake, a successful Haitian woman who had a very good job and made a pretty good living began to have a heart for the orphans of the earthquake. She chose to act on that conviction and leading and found a vacant home that was not finished and began renting it from the family that owned it in Florida. After she secured the home, she hired 6 Haitian women to work at the orphanage full time and began taking in orphaned children off the streets.

Because she provides the funding for this orphanage solely from her own paychecks, there was no furniture, very little clothing, and no toys whatsoever for these children. All that she could afford was the rent for the home, the salaries for the workers, and one meal a day for the children. 

This orphanage just happened to be located right in between the JiHM guest house and Tom’s home where he lives with all of his boys. So, one day while walking between them, Tom divinely happened across this home filled with children, scantily clad in tattered clothing and slightly malnourished, sleeping on the floor. He immediately saw the need and knew that JiHM needed to step in here and help with whatever they could.

Tom began bringing beds, bedding, toys, rice, diapers and other essentials that these children needed. But most importantly, Tom and his boys, along with the short term groups that were coming down, began spending time there, investing in the lives of these precious little ones.

While it is such a joy for us to have this opportunity to briefly visit with these kids and do our best to love on them, share Christ with them, and play with them, it is the ongoing relationships that Tom and his boys have with these children that will really help shape these children into followers of Christ in the long run.

And as is with most things on a short term missions trip, the people that you think you are traveling to a different country to minister to, and share Jesus with, to bless, are the ones that are blessing you, that are sharing Jesus with you through their smiles. It is so easy to see the face of Jesus in these smiles. These smiles that persevere in the midst of more difficult and horrifying circumstances than we as blessed Americans will ever begin to comprehend or understand.

Here is a great picture of Linda Neal, the new Chairperson of Jesus in Haiti’s board. She has such a heart for Haiti and these kids. You can see how God has placed her in this new role and how perfect she is for it.

Here, Germaine gives each girl a brand new dress that she brought down with her.


And just a few more…

My Week @ Jesus in Haiti – Post 1

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  • February 2, 2012 at 10:07 pm

    Where are your ministries– Boy’s home, Lighthouse, Tree of Life and Grace Emmanuel School located in Haiti. Are they all still located in Bon Repos?


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