One of Back2Back’s main purposes is to cover the five main areas of a child’s development. Back2Back has coined this the Child Development Model and has broken it down into five areas of focus: Spiritual, Educational, Emotional, Social and Physical.

Specifically in Cancun we have been brainstorming ideas to make this a reality in the places where we serve. So let me share with you how God spoke to me (Anna) through this time of dreaming and envisioning what the lives of these precious kids would be like through God’s eyes.

Andrew reading to Chave at San Jose

Teaching Mari and the other kids about compassion at San Jose

After our last staff meeting I went home very excited. We, as the Cancun team had a goal and I was ready to accomplish it.

The weeks before this I went through a journey with God. He became my personal trainer, teaching me the meaning of “Be still, and know that I am God.” God showed me who he was in different ways, but the last day he showed me one particular truth that would help me later to understand what He wanted me to do in order to accomplish his plans for San Jose specifically (Andrew and I are captains in training for this children’s home).

NOTHING ESCAPES FROM MY HANDS… not your life, not their lives.

I was READY, to start writing how God was going to develop the five areas in the 14 kids that live in Casa Hogar San Jose. He gave me a list of around 30 activities that would accomplish this but there were two that I didn’t know how they were going to come about.

The first one was to take them to the VBS at the church that we attend and the second one was to start taking them to church on Sundays with us.

San Jose is a Catholic children’s home and I thought that it may be difficult for the Mother Superior to let the kids go to church with us. But God kept reminding me “Nothing escapes from my hands.” So I thought, “OK God, you are in charge.” I asked the Mother Superior for permission to take the kids to the VBS at our church and without hesitation she said YES!

I am so happy because in the last day of the VBS they are going to present the plan of salvation. Which means that they are going to have the opportunity to give their lives to God!

Pray for the kids at San Jose, that nothing will keep them from going to the the VBS and that they will understand that they are cared for by their Heavenly Father and that He has a perfect plan for their lives.

Nothing Escapes My Hands

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  • May 26, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    I like this story very much! Nothing escapes from His hands. So very true! And Andrew, I had a flashback seeing you with that little child on your lap, reading a book… remembering the times at VBS at FCC when you told the stories to the kids. Reminded of how God uses all things to prepare us for the future He has for us. Love you guys!


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