It may have taken us a full week, but that is a good thing!

I am talking about reporting on our fundraiser last week of course! Last Sunday, we were so blessed by the turnout and the generosity of everyone that came out to support us! There were so many donations and volunteers, it would take up an entire blog post, just to try to list everyone who donated, volunteered, cooked, donated, gave, spoke, prayed, prepared, and organized!

We are blessed beyond words with the support of our church family at FCC, our friends, and our family. Knowing we have a support group like we do that is investing in the Lord’s calling on our lives and willing to take part in it is a special feeling. We know that the Lord has placed each one of you into our lives for this reason, and thank Him for doing so every day.

Here are a few pictures from the fundraiser…

Our goal for the fundraiser was to raise enough to get our account up to the point of being able to handle all of our one-time moving costs as well as set up a solid buffer for our ongoing work throughout the year. We raised, just over $7,000 and were able to get enough into our account to be ready to leave on schedule, the first week of December!

Along with this, we made a huge push on getting all of our monthly partners to get their papers or first checks turned in this month so that we would know where we were at for our ongoing monthly support. We expect to receive our October report next week and are hoping to be within striking distance of our monthly need!

Once we have our October report and we know where we stand for sure, we will be booking our tickets to leave the first week of December!

The next four weeks should prove to be quite a challenge as we prepare for the move. Along with Anna’s oath ceremony for citizenship this Friday, we have to finish my Mexican work visa, get Kai’s Mexican citizenship filed, finish getting our monthly support up to where it needs to be by meeting with everyone we possibly can, prepare all of our things for an oceangoing containerized shipment, figure out travel arrangements, and we also have a wedding in Texas in November, and Christmas at Thanksgiving with family!

It is going to be a busy month, but we are so excited to finally have a timeline! And, after more than a year of preparing, we are so looking forward to being in the place where the Lord wants and to begin seeing the plans that He has for us there!

Please be in prayer with us about a few things in this final month:

– Andrew’s Visa paperwork goes smoothly
– Kai’s Mexican citizenship filing goes smoothly
– All logistical details are worked out quickly, cheaply, and efficiently
– That we are able to get our monthly/quarterly/annual support team up to where it needs to be
– That the Lord’s hand will be upon everything

Thank you for all of your support! It is because you that we are able to answer His call!

Over The Top & Time To Go

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