So this past weekend, my wife Anna and I chaperoned a youth retreat with our church. We tagged along to Five Pines Ministries for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We had a great time with all of the kids, just being a teenager again is sometimes a good reminder of how easy and carefree life used to be for us all. There were a lot of great moments, that I was to busy enjoying to take pictures, but I did manage to get a couple.

This poor kid dressed as Hillary in a suit, he was running around spouting political jargon, it was quite funny!
After a victorious run of the orange game, you know where you have to pass the fruit down a line of people using nothing but your chins…very funny
CoryB, the youth intern making sure his partner does not die…
Here is Danielle, giving me her most evil look she could muster…lacking.
A great one of Cassie, being Cassie
Now this ravenous beauty is my wife, what a stunner, even with a silly helmet on…
Really loved this one of CoryB…
Now Katelin did not like having her picture taken, but she couldn’t hide anymore once she was twenty feet in the air!
Awesome Fall colors!
Now this one is SUPER SPECIAL because my wife took it! I am trying to get her hooked on the photo-life.
Another classic Cassie…
My cousin Megan during our faux-model shoot
One last one of CoryB, I took this without looking through the view-finder and while walking, the focus is off but after some photoshop, I thought it had a really dramatic feel…
So that was my weekend, little sleep, one case of headlice, and lots of fun with some great people!
Retreating to my Youth

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