So, one of the main things that we spend our time doing here is planning, preparing and hosting groups of teams that come down to serve alongside of us here in Cancún.

For our site, we can handle groups up to 22 in size and as small as a couple. Typical groups are here from 3-7 days, but with our unique location, we are able to take advantage of people being here on vacation and just wanting to spend one day with us!

Over the last several weeks we were blessed to have a couple of teams join us to do some great work and really invest in the kids that we work with here.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who came down to serve, and also invite those of you who may be interested in doing something similar! If you are interested, just email us at

Here are a few shots of some of what we have been up to, and what could be you in the future, making a difference in the lives of the orphan and the widow in Mexico:

Praying for Pastor Victor and his church, before working to build a concrete beam

A prayer walk through Tres Reyes, to meet people and pray with them
Having the kids over for a pool party/barbecue to celebrate some of their birthdays

Mixing Cement by hand, and hoisting it up to make a concrete beam to add a second story to Pastor Victor’s church in Tres Reyes

Anna teaching the kids and leading a craft time with a lesson

Pouring a concrete floor for a widow in the Tres Reyes neighborhood

Anna translating for Dr. Marvin, at a free medical clinic in Tres Reyes

Building a new playground for the kids at Casa Hogar San Jose

Short Term Trips

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