It has been such a crazy summer.

Not just the amount of things on the to do list that seems to grow longer the harder we work, but also how much it seems as though the weeks are disappearing quicker every day!

For the last two months we have been so busy, calling people, talking with people, fundraising, road tripping, networking, planning fundraisers, organizing our team of partners, visiting family, friends, and acquaintances, it seems as though it was just yesterday we returned from that exploratory trip to Haiti!

While we have struggled to keep you updated via our blog, please rest assured, that it is not due to a lack of desire to communicate where we are with you!

We have just returned from a fundraising road trip where we made many great connections and have another trip planned to speak to several churches that invited us to speak! Before that trip, we spent a week in the Southwest visiting my brother and his family and seeing some of God’s beautiful creation!

Before that, we were blessed to be able to take part in Summer of Service Student Weekend in Michiana! It was a blast being group leaders and watching God move in the lives of our local teenagers and how He used them to really bring Jesus’ love to the community in real and tangible way!

We are back home now and resuming planning of our fundraising event which is scheduled for October 22 and we are working each week to continue to build our team of ministry partners!

We are super excited to have some fellow B2B staff joining us, starting tomorrow! Mau and Lizy, Anna’s sister and her husband, who are on staff at B2B Cancun will be flying in tomorrow with their boys, Andre and David and we are looking forward to spending time with them and talking about what God has been up to in Cancun since we left at the end of January!

Summer Craziness

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