As the days of December grow shorter, the sun disappears quicker, the nights dip deeper in temperature; and so, our time here in the states dwindles as well.

We now have less than a month left here in Indiana. FOUR WEEKS!! THATS IT!

That is an absolutely thrilling and yet terrifying thought.

Sixteen months of preparation and planning, was more than enough to get excited about going. You would also assume that would be plenty of time to mentally prepare, right?

Answer: eheh…No.

Nonetheless, time marches on whether or not I am mentally prepared for what comes next. And so, with a Visa being the final piece of the puzzle, and its ETA being a week or less away, packing and preparing goes into full swing.

It is amazing how many projects, details, and errands need to be done. All the while, making time to spend with family and friends that we will be leaving soon. Not to mention, a little holiday called Christmas. And then there is still the fundraising to do to make sure that once we get there, we will actually be 100% funded…

I was reminded by a picture of a friend tonight, that with the Lord’s help, He will renew our strength no matter what mountains or molehills seem to be in front of us.

Whether it be a 25k (Half Marathon) race in which you have to write this verse on your hand (Thanks for the inspiration Julie 😉 ) or the details and “To Do Lists” of moving a family to another country, or a financial hole from unemployment, or a heart broken by someone close, or an over-bearing boss, or a… you fill in the blank. We do not go through anything alone, and we most certainly can’t do it on our own strength.

I was reminded tonight, that when I try to plan out how I will accomplish everything that needs to be done in the next four weeks, and see a mountain for which I do not have the ability or strength to climb…

Our God is standing with Me.

So what could stand against?

Answer: Nothing.

I hope that as the Lord has shown this to me, that He would also make it real in your life as well. Place your hope in Him, your trust, your faith, your love , your life in Him. There is no other way to spend your life this side of Heaven.

We so appreciate all of your prayers and support. Our ministry partners standing with us is invaluable, and I am beginning to realize just how powerful your prayers are in our lives right now!

So thank you all so much for your willingness to partner with us and with Back2Back to serve the orphan child in Mexico. Thank you for being a part of breaking the cycle of generational poverty with those whom Jesus loves so dearly. We are blessed to play this role in the Kingdom and to have a team of supporters like all of you who read, pray, give and take part in the body of Christ.

Right now, our plan is to leave Indiana on January 3rd and drive down to Miami, where we will put our stuff and our car on a container to be shipped to Cancun. We will then fly to Cancun from Miami on January 11th. **

** All dependent on the perfect plan and timing of the Lord of course… 🙂

The Days Grow Shorter…

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