There are so many situations and times in life, where our words fall miserably short of what we want to express.

A simple “thank you”, on this special day, is certainly one of those times for us.

We want to say thank you to you, but at the same time we want to show you how much you mean to us and how much we value you and the words “thank you” just don’t come close to saying it.

So on this day of gratitude, we just want you all to know, that we are mindful every day of the prayers you pray for us, the sacrifices you make to support us financially and that we are overjoyed in our thankfulness for you and the impact you have chosen to make in this world and specifically in the heart of the orphan child in Cancún through partnering with us in our ministry.

We are blessed to be able to spend this holiday with family and pray that you are experiencing the blessings of our Father in HEaven and are as grateful as we are for the many gifts he has placed in all of our lives.


The Inadequacy of Words

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