Who hasn’t heard or seen the promotions for sponsoring a child through global non-profit organizations?

We have two girls with one of them and I know tons of friends and family that sponsor kids through these programs.

So why am I writing about this?

Because of a little party we had this week at Casa Hogar San Jose.

During one of our visits to San Jose this week, Anna and I were able to read letters to the kids from their sponsors and help them decorate and write letters back to them.

The joy and excitement of the kids was transparently over the top.

It got me thinking about and studying their behavior and reactions to the letters, to the words written by their sponsors, and about everything that these kids are able to do because of the sacrifice that their sponsor is making every month.

There were two moments when it really struck me. The first was when Jorge (9), was hunched over the table completely zoned into reading the letter from his sponsor. The other was when Sandi (14) was reading a portion of her letter out loud an laughing with Jimena (12).

These two unique moments brought a clarity to my mind about the value of this precious communication and attention to these kids lives. The reality and strength of the bonds formed through personal letter writing and personal connection of having met their sponsors.

And that is where, I believe, the first of the two major differences lies with Back2Back’s child sponsorship program. While the major organizations have a roughly 90/10 split of sponsors who have never met their children, Back2Back’s is just the opposite.

The value of this personal connection is undeniable in the eyes of these kids. We are a unique and blessed ministry to be able to have so many children know their sponsors personally and be able to maintain that close relationship that was formed when their sponsors came on a short term trip with Back2Back and met them for the first time.

The second major difference, in my opinion, is the constant oversight of direct children’s homes captains and a team of ministry personnel focused on how to utilize each dollar of sponsorship donation to the utmost for the benefit of the whole child through Back2Back’s Child Development Model that is focused on the Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Social and Educational aspects of their life.

Because of Back2Back’s tireless commitment to transparency and devotion to learning more about how to go deep with each child, the sponsors know that their sacrifice is truly making a difference in every aspect of their sponsored child’s life.

We just wanted to take the time to thank those who are Back2Back Child Sponsors and especially for those of the kids at Casa Hogar San Jose in Cancun. Your investment in these children is a daily reminder of our perfect Heavenly Father’s love and provision for those that He holds most dear. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus and for being the difference for one of the 163,000,000 orphans in the world today.

Please enjoy this video of our letter writing party this week at Casa Hogar San Jose on the north side of Cancun:

The Real Impact of Child Sponsorship

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