We got to have the kids from San Jose over to our house yesterday for Christmas.

10 kids.

14 hours.

All the fix-ins.



The Christmas Story.

It was exhausting and so much fun!

I just want to share a little part of the day that I thought was the most meaningful. Anna had an idea to help the kids learn about the true meaning of Christmas, and that was to take the kids shopping to buy something for another, less fortunate child here in Cancún.

I know most people would say that we may be crazy. Taking kids from an orphanage in a poor part of Mexico to buy gifts for a less fortunate kid…

But the truth is, it is not about the need or what the kids have at San Jose. It’s about the teaching them about the meaning of Christmas and at the same time showing them that they are not some poor child to be pitied.

The month of December has been difficult for Anna and I as we watch a steady stream of people file through San Jose bringing toys and junk food and more stuff than the kids need. I know that they mean well and are trying to help, but the truth is, they are not helping these kids in the long run. We are thankful for the sisters running the home who know when to separate things out to be sold to fund the real needs of the home and are always gracious with those bringing the donations.

It is a tough place to be in for them as they also understand that all of this stuff is to much for the kids, but at the same time they survive on donations and do not want to offend any of the givers.

So after watching what has been happening all month long, we wanted to change the kids mindset from that of “poor kid at the Casa Hogar, what did you bring me?” to “you are a blessed child in so many ways with more toys than you need.”

So we took the kids shopping at Walmart and they each bought a toy or clothes, whatever they wanted, for another child their same age for Pastor Victor’s children and the other kids we serve in Tres Reyes.

Then they each wrapped the gifts and wrote a note on them for the kids that they will go to. And in January, we are going to take all of the kids out to Tres Reyes with their gifts to deliver them in person and experience the joy of giving!

Here is a link to our who day where you can view all of the pictures and the video here:


Or you can click play for just the video of our day here:

The REAL Meaning of Christmas

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