So last week, Winter hit us in Indiana pretty good with a half inch of ice followed by about 6 inches of snow and then temperatures below zero with wind chills that froze skin in seconds!
It was really fairly disturbing, especially since I was hoping for Al Gore to be right about all this global warming crap and we would have a mild winter instead of the same frigid four months we have had since thirty years ago when the Al Gores of the world were telling us that the next Ice Age was coming!
Anyways there were a few crazy moments that I decided to brave the cold and go outside to get some shots, especially on Saturday the 20th, the sun popped out for about ten minutes and with the snow and ice on everything, it was beautiful.
Here are some shots that I got…

Yesterday, Anna and I made our way down to Monterrey Mexico for Christmas with our family here, and I have been taking lots of pictures of my mieces and nephews, so be prepared because I am going to start posting some great stuff of some kids that are so cute you will just want them yourself!!

Wintery Wonderland

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