WOW! That’s how I need to start this post, read on and you will understand why.

Other than this one picture, we are not posting more pictures with this post, and while we realize that this certainly makes the posts harder to read and interact with, in some cases we do not have a choice as the children that we are working with and writing about need to be protected. We ask for your understanding as we continue to try to share with you their lives and what the Lord is doing here in Cancún.

After spending sometime with Andrew’s family on the west coast of Mexico for a wonderful week of vacation it was time to go back home to Cancun and jump into our summer teams. Summer is the busiest time for the Back2Back staff. I didn’t know what to expect upon our return.

The first day in my schedule was Wednesday. Wednesdays are very special because it is usually the day that we go visit the kids at CAT (Shelter for kids in dangerous situations). CAT is a government program and for that reason they are not very open to the gospel.

This summer we started VBS in all our ministry sites and we had a hard time thinking about how we were going to do it at  CAT without being able to talk about God. The main idea for the VBS is that “Everything is Possible with God” (not easy to do without the word GOD). So Mau and Lizy, the captains from CAT, decided that it was time to have a conversation with director of the CAT about  this.

So Wednesday came and I didn’t know what to expect. I had heard that some changes had been made but I wasn’t sure what they were referring to.

I was in charge of the games and my heart jumped with excitement when I found out that the doors had been open for the name of God to be said with freedom! I had freedom to tell these kids about the wonderful plan that God had for their lives, freedom to tell them that no matter their circumstances they could trust in God!

And that wasn’t the best part. We finish the VBS singing the songs that we learned that day, after I tell you what happened you will understand why I had to start this post with the word WOW.

These precious kids went from not knowing who God is to singing to Him the song called “OUR GOD.” If you have never heard this song before please listen to it. It is amazing what God can do in one week!

My story is not over yet. So the next day we had a field trip with the kids and guess what one of them said in his conversation with someone else… “With God everything is possible!” They are getting to know their Heavenly Father!

I remember that our first month in Cancun I posted a prayer request about CAT. That the doors would be open to the Gospel, and they have been opened wide!

Thank you for partnering with us and making this possible.


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  • June 26, 2012 at 11:19 am

    Awesome – We truly enjoyed worshipping and learning at CAT with Mau and Lizy when we visted too! Blessings as you continue your summer VBS groups


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