You can make a difference in the life of a child! We invite you to share your life through the Back2Back Child Sponsorship Program! Through sponsorship, you’ll have a chance to join us as we seek to meet each child’s spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social needs. Help a child rewrite his or her future by joining Back2Back’s sponsorship team. Here are three distinct ways you can make a difference through sponsorship…

Nourish Sponsorship: Nourish Every Day   Provide for the everyday essential needs of the children we serve. Your commitment will allow us to meet vital needs, such as safe drinking water, nutritious meals and clean clothing.  Each Nourish Sponsor may choose to sponsor one of our sites (Cancun, Hyderabad, Jos, Mazatlan, Monterrey, or Haiti).  Twice a year, Nourish sponsors receive an electronic update from the site they sponsor with an update from one of the orphanages or communities at that site.  To become a Nourish sponsor, please click on a site below.   $25/month

Restore Sponsorship: Restore Every Child   Connect with one child to provide holistic orphan care, providing for his or her spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social needs.  Restore Sponsors assist us in meeting the sponsor child’s basic physical needs, in addition to ensuring we’re able to address broader needs, such as counseling, medical care and tutoring.  Each Restore Sponsor chooses one child to sponsor, and each child may have up to two sponsors.  A Restore sponsor will receive a minimum of two personal letters a year from their child, and up to four letters, depending on how often they write their child.  Twice a year, a Restore sponsor will receive an electronic update from the orphanage or community where their child lives. To become a Restore Sponsor, please click on a site below, then an orphanage or community at the site, and choose an available child.   $100/month

Transform Sponsorship: Transform Every Home   Spark transformation in a children’s home to make a lasting difference. Your commitment will enable us to meet large-scale needs of the children’s homes and communities we serve.  Needs vary but could include drilling a well for clean drinking water or constructing security walls around the perimeter to enhance the safety of the children.  A Transform Sponsor will sign up to sponsor a specific orphanage or community, and have the opportunity to be connected with a child from the home should they choose.  Each year, a Transform sponsor will receive two electronic updates from the orphanage or community, and a special thank-you from the orphanage. To become a Transform sponsor, please click a site below, and choose an orphanage or community at the site.   $250/month 

For answers to frequently asked questions, click here.

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