So back in December, I was able to travel down to Monterrey for the holidays with my wife’s family. We had a great time and I did blog quite a bit in early January about it if you are niterested in going back and checking out some of the pictures.
Anyways, my brothers in law, Mau and Tonio took me backpacking and camping up in the mountains for my Christmas present. The first thing I learned is that I was really out of shape! Next was that it was awesome!
Here are some pictures from the trip and I have some video also, which I will post when I get around to editing it which can take forever…

Stopped off at a market to get supplies and ready to head out, las Mitras are behind us…
A little closer look, a “Mitra is the hat the Pope wears, so these three peaks supposedly resemble it

Notice how sweaty and sick I look compared to the two seasoned climbers behind me
Made it up to about 3,600 feet before we stopped at a corner of a switchback to make camp. Made a fire and cooked steak for dinner.
Our morning view from the campsite…
Our campsite was at the base of this peak
At about 4,500 feet, getting ready to check out some old mining caverns.

Finally made it back down, found our way to a road with a cab and went home. It was a great Christmas present!
El Cerro de las Mitras

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