One thing that I have heard over and over again during the last two years working with Back2Back that has become the root of everything that we plan and do for the children we serve is that “we are only as good as we are deep.”

From the first moment I heard that theme, I began to understand the importance of this vision. By making this the overarching filter for every decision about how we invest our time and resources, we would not only impact the kids lives, but our own.

I see it as building a strong tower. For the tower not to fall during a violent storm, the foundation has to be deep enough to handle the size of the tower. It is the same in every area of our lives, especially when it comes to our spiritual foundation. If our foundation, our relationship with God, is not deep enough, any time we go through a hard situation it will be very easy for us to fall.

With this in mind, one of our focuses this year is the spiritual development of each child. At San Jose we have been having small group meetings that we are hoping to transition into a youth and children service once a week where we are going to be able to incorporate our other ministry partners (please be in prayer about this with us as it depends on having the permission to host the meetings at San Jose Children’s Home).

The other exciting thing is that this summer, our VBS will be hosted at San Jose and the children’s parents will be able to stay and learn with their kids. The parents will hear the gospel in a playful and approachable way! Pray with us for open hearts that will hear and receive Jesus’ love and grace.

We are so happy to see how God is moving here in Cancun to restore whole families in San Jose and with the other three families that we are working with. In our last post, we talked about the new CFT Program (Children and Families in Transition) that we are implementing in Cancun. Last month we had our first parent orientation and this Saturday we are having the second one.

There are seven families represented at San Jose and five of the parents came to the first session plus one of the widows that we serve, so we had six parents! Next month we are expecting eight parents in attendance! Pray for these parent orientation classes, that they understand the importance of their involvement in their children’s development.

I can’t wait to see God’s promises fulfilled in the lives of these children!

We are only as good as we are deep.

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