If you have never seen this video that Back2Back put out about the heart of the orphan child and what they truly go through, please take 4 minutes and watch it. The rest of this post revolves around what Beth is talking about here…

The last two weeks have been so great for us. We have had so many opportunities to spend time with the girls from San Jose.

Each day that we picked them up for VBS and watched them sing and dance and pray was a beautiful highlight.

Each time they would sing at the top of their voices to the worship songs in our car, I breathed a thank you to God for blessing us with the opportunity of being a part of their lives and watching what He is doing in them.

And each time I saw their faces twist into a smile for no other reason than they saw us, my heart melted and I once again had to thank God for giving us the opportunity of being called to serve here in Mexico.

Each day we spent with them, whether it was taking them to VBS:

or taking them to see a movie about how they can grow up and be anything they want to be, or discussing after that movie that with Jesus, they can truly be who they were meant to be:

or teaching them worship songs for the first time, or hearing them scream that high pitched scream when they saw us, it was like the Lord was saying, there is one more piece put back where it belongs, a little bit closer to the great woman of God I have called her to be…

I really can’t begin to describe the joy of knowing that I get to be a part of how the Lord is working in these girls lives, but many of you know the feeling well because you have come down and served alongside of us and built into their lives also, or you are planning to in the future.

I just had to say thank you.

First, to God for allowing us to be a part of His work here, that he started long before we came.

And second, to all of you who support us and serve alongside of us in this as you are every bit as involved as we are in putting pieces of these kids hearts back where their Heavenly Father designed them to be.

A Piece at a Time…

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