It has been a very busy 6 weeks since we last posted!

A week of training in Monterrey at the main campus, learning much about Back2Back’s Child Development Model and how to go a mile deep with each child we serve to bring about the most holistic healing…

After returning to Cancún on August 19th, we had 10 days to prepare for our first trip back to the states since we left as well as throw one huge birthday bash for all of our July and August birthdays at Casa Hogar San Jose!

We celebrated birthdays for Perla:



And Maria Jose:

Each of the girls got to open their gifts from their Back2Back sponsors back int he states:

And of course we had lots of great food and some very fun (and messy) games!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

For each one of the girls, Anna prepared and read out loud a little speech about the things we loved most about them and why they are so special! The girls loved it. Here is a video clip of Anna reading Bety’s:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We were also blessed to be able to return to the states for two weeks for support development. We met with many of you and it was so good to be home and to catch up.

We also met with new possible donors, mailed out letters to our annual givers, and my Mom and many others held another fundraising event for us on September 9th!

It was a huge success and we raised over $8,000 and picked up several new monthly partners!

Thank you to all of you who serve alongside of us through your finances and prayer. You are an absolutely invaluable member of our ministry in Cancún!

Here are a couple photos from the fundraiser:

Birthday Bash!

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