First things first, Kael Gabriel arrived on July 22 at 12:02pm! He was 7lb 12oz and 20″ of perfect little boy. He was breech when Anna’s water broke Monday morning so a C-Section was required. Things are going well adjusting to life as a family of four and Anna is recovering slowly.

This week also marked the final days of the current Cancun staff. This morning, Matt Cooper, Cancun’s site director and co-founder flew back to the states to join his family after moving to Cincinnati. Matt and his wife, Julie will be taking a sabbatical after 10 years of serving with Back2Back in Mexico. After the sabbatical, Matt will be taking over as Director of Mexico, overseeing all three sites and be based out of our home office in Mason, Ohio.

Along with the Coopers, Mauricio and Lizy Davila, Anna’s sister and brother-in-law are moving back to Monterrey in August to work with Back2Back.

The final change I want to fill you all in on is a new role that I have undertaken with Back2Back. In February, Todd Guckenberger (Executive Director) asked me to take on a new position that Back2Back was creating to spearhead our Mexican Media and Communications and work hand in hand with our home office marketing team to bring quality spanish based marketing and media to our local partners and volunteers in Mexico. 

I assumed the position of Mexico Communications Coordinator and over the last few months, along with a great team of people here in Mexico, we have been able to get a great website up ( – pictured above) as well as beginning work to streamline our social media campaigns and create customized media for our local Mexican audience while maintaining brand and marketing consistency across cultural paradigms.

We will continue our roles here in Cancun as staff and working as Captains of Casa Hogar San Jose and will fulfill the majority of this new role online from Cancun. However, there will be some additional travel to the other sites in Mexico and the home office in Ohio.

I am excited to be a part of the incredible marketing team that Back2Back has and am thoroughly enjoying the new challenges and opportunities that this role is opening up.


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