The day started early as usual, the sun comes up around 5:30, by 6:30 the sun is so hot coming through the window, sleep is no longer an option…The morning started as usual, showers, breakfast and reading, everyone at their own pace. By 8am we are painting and out in the yard working. The morning went fast as we continued to prepare the grounds of the orphanage for grass, it has come so far! Look:

We worked hard until 11 and then had lunch with Shedna and her sisters and Mom.

After lunch we went downtown and did some shopping…no pictures of that, but we had a lot of fun!

Then back to the homestead for dinner, which the lovely Evelyn prepared for us!

While we were waiting for dinner, we were spending time playing with Melisa, Shedna, and Rosalonda, three sisters that Jared and Jalayne are helping take care of. Their Mom is 21 and has five kids, Rosalinda and Shedna are the youngest at 2.5 yrs old and 15 months. They are both about a year behind as far as physical and mental development. Shedna has just started walking on her own and Rosalonda barely has energy to cry, it takes everything she has to keep her head up most of the time, she is the size of about a three month old baby.

But they are so precious! Here is a picture of Melisa, the oldest…

And here is a shot of Shedna, the 2.5 year old that we have been able to spend the most time with…

And here is little Rosalonda…

We then spent the rest of our evening talking and playing Hand and Foot! This will probably be the last post until Saturday as we have an 8 hour layover in Ft. Lauderdale and will try to do a final post from the airport.

Here a couple great pictures of the faces of our team!

Kyle and Mindy Silveus

Andrew and Anna Conrad

Philip and Alyssa Wertz
Eric Coblentz

Dr. Randy Smith

And of course, Jared and Jalayne, with Shedna!

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