Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, we celebrated Christmas with my Grandma and my cousin, it was a good time and we had some fun taking some pictures of the kids. Just thought I would share some.

Last week I was in Florida at a show in Orlando all week, and now I have come back home with one heck of a stinking sinus cold. Not that I am complaining about spending a week in the sunny 70′s but how did I get a cold down there and not here in the below zero windchill and snow?!?!?
Sometimes life just doesn’t make sense. Oh Well, In just two short weeks Anna and I are off to Mexico for the Christmas holidays in Monterrey with her family. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone and getting into some warmer weather for a little while. So here are a couple of my recent works of art…
This first on is of my family, mom, dad, brother Alex + his wife, Christa, sister Laura, and me and my wife Anna.
My cousin Bri and her daughter, Addison, named after the road that Cub’s Stadium is on (My cousin Jeremy is crazy)
And here is Addy’s little brother, Gavin.
Until the next post then my friends……
And the Family Holiday Photos Start…

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