It being Thanksgiving tomorrow and all, I thought I would skim through some of my recent personal family stuff and I found a couple of shots from a two little family fishing trips this past summer.

The first was here in Indiana. One evening, we went to the pond down the road from my parents’ house at my aunt and uncle’s house right before I left for Mexico to get married as kind of a family outing before I started my new family.
I have so many great memories from this pond which we walked to all the time in the summer’s growing up. Fishing, Swimming, Shooting, and lots of mischief, no doubt.
But here are a couple I got with my old 30D and the 10-22 which really was a knock out lens for a crop camera.
The other trip was my bachelor trip up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which is ” jus nort a da bridge and jus sout a hev’n!”
My family has been going to Big Manistique Lake since the 1960′s, when my Grandpa Conrad (pictured right with me, my brother and my cousins) first took my dad and his brothers and sister.
Ever since then we have been going mostly for the fishing but also because we are a family that honors traditions and we are a family that also vacations together.
So anyways, this time my Dad just took my brother and I due to the fact that it was a bachelor trip the weekend before my wedding. And we really had some great times!!                                                                                        
Here is one of my brother one evening out on the dock.                                                                                                                                                              
Dad and Brother with an evening’s catch!
And I love this last one of my brother with a walleye, those teeth are naaasty!
I really am thankful for all of the wonderful memories that I have throughout my life and the biggest one of all has to be my wife, Anna. She is the most wonderful helpmate that the Lord could have given me and I thank God every day for her and for all of the fun that we have and will have in the future together!
Photo by Josef Samuel

Happy Thanksgiving and don’t forget to ask yourself what you’re thankful for this year and then be thankful!!
Some Good Memories

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