When you think of the typical artsy crowd, the usual creative design kind of person, hunting is not something that will typically enter your mind. Why is this? Why do I feel that because I hunt I may be looked down upon by some in the creative arts industry? Perhaps it is just my own paranoia with the hypocritical open mindedness I associate with Hollywood and so many others who preach the open minded idea to everyone while quietly shunning anyone who disagrees with them about anything right or wrong.

Perhaps I am getting to deep for a little blog posting but nonetheless, I felt that I just must share my wonderful success from this past weekend!
Not only did I turn the big quarter-century, I also managed to get my first buck while deer hunting with my family on Saturday morning.
I have hunted ever since my Dad took me through hunters safety course at the age of 12 and went out for the first time on the morning of my 13th birthday. It was that morning that I shot at and missed the biggest deer I had ever seen. Well to the day, exactly 12 years later, a huge 9 point buck, eerily similar to the one I missed on my first outing, came trotting around my blind about 8:30AM on Saturday 
morning. It presented a perfect shot at 40 yards and this time I made it count. Here is a picture of him.

There is something beautiful about hunting, about nature, about the art of the kill, about the order of it all. For those who have hunted I know that you understand, for those who haven’t…..don’t knock it until you have tried it, or at least that’s what the open minded policy should be…….

Artist and Hunter

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